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Jon Stephen Multi-Award Winning Composer Instrumental Guitarist

Performing in all settings from Resorts, Wineries, Restaurants, & Private Events to Concert Venues. Available for world-wide engagements.

With a library of over a hundred original published compositions, I invite listeners to embark on audible journeys throughout the world!

Jon becomes each song he plays

“I was watching you play and am so moved at how you become each song you play… your soul is so in tune with each song. It’s Flipping amazing! You become each song you play and you play from your soul and it’s a musical sound & sight that turns heads, eyes and chairs. Just musically magical!
– Francesca Deleon

A True Entertainer

Jon Stephen is a true entertainer, his total involvement in his Art includes his audience. You cannot help but be swept up in the enthusiasm and passion. Hands down, my vote for top entertainer on the Central Coast
– Lance Kinney

Music for scenes in
our movie

Jon Stephen you are one of the most talented musicians in America! We Loved hearing you play while Director William Dear pictured your music for scenes in our movie! Jon you are amazing!
– Author/Screenwriter, Bodie Thoene

New Times Music Awards “Album Of The Year”
Solo Tropical Acoustic Guitar Entertainer
Jon Stephen

May 22, 2012
The Art of Solo Guitar
November 11, 2014
Out of the Blue
August 15, 2016
We Dance
June 24, 2018

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“Jon Stephen is more than just a musician or guitarist; he is an artist and a visionary. His songs reflect emotions of love and romance that is of legend and is at the forefront of a new musical Renaissance. His Music Weaves An Audible Tapestry Of Joy, That Has Astounded Audiences Throughout America & Europe.” J. Timmons, IndiePulse

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